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Mobility Aids

Gone are the bad old days when if you had any sort of mobility problem you were left in a chair at home and your life revolved within four walls. With all the new mobility aids on the market today there is no reason to be left behind. Get out there and enjoy yourself. Make a day of it with the Grandchildren.

Walking Sticks

Even walking sticks have changed with lovely contoured handles which make it easy to rest your body weight. Folding sticks click apart and fold neatly into a handbag or carrier. Quad canes (four feet) for extra stability and adjustable sticks to make sure that you are using the cane at the correct height. In our shop we will measure you and alter whatever can you choose to ensure that the is a perfect height for you – all part of the service.

In need of a crutch ? There are elbow crutches and shock absorbing crutches. Childrens crutches and brightly coloured ones. TIP – Please ensure that you change your ferrule regularly. In wet or icy weather an old, bare ferrule can make your cane dangerous.

Walkers & Walking Frames

Walkers and walking frames come in all shapes and sizes these days. From the standard 4 foot frame to ones with two wheels in the front. Trolleys and caddys are a life-saver when trying to get the cup of tea from the kitchen into the lounge so that you can sit and relax and enjoy it. Outside walkers now come with baskets for the milk and bread – and perhaps a library book. They are fitted with brakes and we recommend the brakes that operate when you use body weight to push down so that you do not have to try to squeeze with arthritic hands.


Wheelchairs are whizzo these days. Choose one that folds up (Stowaway) like the childrens buggys that we have all used for so many years – or the more traditional wheelchairs that now unclip into so many bits that it make the chair smaller and lighter to be popped into the back of a car. Fold out footrests allow easy access. Fold down or clip off arms are essential if you need side transfer on a board. Clip off wheels make the chair so much lighter. – and then for those in a chair for a long time – cushions, trays, drinks holders, seat belts, bags, waterproofs, crutch holders, the list is endless. Don’t forget your gloves if you are a regular user.