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Home Health Products

As everyone knows, if in doubt – visit your Doctor, but even so, today there are so many home health products to aid us daily.

With tablet dispensers which can remind you with an audible sound that it is time to take your medication, tablet splitters – which take the hard work out of trying to halve those silly little white pills, and eye drop dispensers which stop half the bottle ending up in your eye – things are getting easier.

Tablet Assists

For once someone has thought about things - Pill dispensers with LARGE writing – even thermometers that are Easy Read and the wonderful TENS units which give so much relief to muscle stiffness and fatigue. A quick tip – keep your TENS pads in the fridge – the gel last so much longer.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood pressure monitors are available for home use these days and naturally we supply them, but once again we’d like to say that if you have a concern, please call your Doctor.

Patient Alarms

Patient Alarms are now widely used and if you are concerned about an elderly or vulnerable person, we consider them an absolute requirement. Today we even have floor sensor mats which ensure that if someone leaves their room you can be alerted to this fact.

Exercising is so much easier when you don’t have to do it out in all weathers. Therapeutic putty and Gel balls keep your hands and joints flexible whilst our absolute favourite and most popular item is the Pedal Exerciser. Watch telly and get fit, lovely.

Finally, for those who are just a slight bit more energetic – the very popular and sturdy trampoline. Flattens down to slip under a bed for easy storage and has 32 strong springs. I have to fight with my daughters to get a turn on mine!