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Pressure Care Products

Pressure Care has changed much from the good old days when a rubber ring was the greatest thing since sliced bread – and thank goodness too. Instead, the number of amazing pillows and cushions on the market is wonderful.

Mattresses & Mattress Overlays

We stock a number of leading brands pressure care products, with Putnams being one of the best sellers. Cushions with special cut outs for coccyx, Dr Huff cushions for post-natal and sitting problems, Bonyparts (my favourite) which relieves pressure on the general lower “bony bits”. There are visco memory pillows and mattresses, mattress overlays and cushions for the back, lumber rolls and D rolls, Magic Wedges and travel pillows. The list goes on and on. Whatever your problem, give us a call and we can advise on any pressure care products that will help you.

With modern technology being brought in to advance the effectiveness of pressure care products today, there is more use of gel and memory foam.

Wheelchair Cushions & Pads

If you’re a wheelchair user, sitting in the chair for many hours of the day, you will be one of the people who certainly appreciates the new cushion developments. There are now so many wheelchair cushions available.

We all know the problems with people confined to bed for long periods – pressure care is critical and in these instances mattress overlays are not really sufficient and we would recommend a pressure relieving mattress. They have a supportive core and deep foam surfaces. Being light they are an ideal replacement for standard mattresses.

Lower Limb Support

Lower limb support is so important – and that is where the leg and knee pillows play their part. We have cushion and other protectors for knees, ankles, shins, heels, and lower legs.