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Moving & Handling

The most common way of moving yourself from a wheelchair to a bed/ chair/ toilet/ bath etc is the transfer board. Please see the large range of sizes, shapes and colours that are available today.

Moving and Handling in the bathroom can be daunting with water and slippery surfaces. There are a number of swivel bath seats for people concerned about this.

Transfer Sheets & Boards

Transfer sheets are used for a number of tasks for example moving a person up and down the bed, rotating a person in the bed, or perhaps moving from one bed to another. Turntables are very popular TIP Please make sure that you have a good grip on something solid and step on slowly so that you do not lose your balance.

Hoists, Slings and Handling Belts

Whilst we offer a selection of hoists we again give a warning that hoists must be used by people who know what they are doing and all instructions followed carefully. Installation must be completed by a professional. There are many hoists and slings to suit many conditions and you need to choose carefully and ensure that the person being lifted is well within weight limits and in capable hands.

Uplift Seat Assists

There are small "Uplift seat Assists" which will help you out of a standard armchair and a basic but incredibly useful Leg Lifter with Stirrup Loop. So many people use these to help get their legs up and over the edge of a bath for example.

Moving and handling in the bathroom is easily achieved with the bathlifts please see the information on those pages.