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Household Disability Aids

Our household disability aids section is a miscellaneous section which contains all sorts of products which make daily living just that little bit easier, from reaching things from the top shelf of a cupboard to reading the evening newspaper. If you are not able bodied for whatever reason, even the simple tasks we take for granted can become major hurdles.

Daily living Aids

Perhaps you have trouble gripping? Arthritis can affect both young and old, whether its trouble holding a pen or getting in and out of the bath. Perhaps your eyes arenít what they used to be? The TV screen seems to be getting smaller or you canít make out roads on a map. Your back wonít allow you to stretch for those items anymore either reaching up or bending down? This is where our daily living aids come in. We have pen grippers and grab rails, magnifying glasses to TV screen magnifiers, steps, reachers, graspers and scissors.

Disabled Products

Our disabled products are tried and tested, so we can guarantee the highest quality. This means you can order products from us with peace of mind especially when ordering electrical and audio aids. With so much variety of household disability products from household fasteners to non-slip products, we know that you will find what you are looking for.

Living With a Disability

We know that living with a disability no matter how small can make life a misery, but with the help of our products and disability aids we aim to provide an easier alternative to struggling through the day. Simple items such as tap turners mean that washing hands or running water for washing up becomes a little easier and although we take it for granted there are so many people who know how hard this task can be. If you canít find on our site what you are looking for, please contact us directly, we will be happy to help.