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Bathing Products

If you are anything like me, your bathroom is a little bit of heaven. A place to relax and gather strength to face whatever the world has to throw at you.

This means that if you are disabled, recovering from an accident or simply feeling a lot more stiffness in those joints when you try to get in and out the bath, that the whole relaxing bathroom scene has probably become an ordeal for you.

There are so many Disabled Bath products on the market today to ensure that you keep that enjoyment, whatever the problem is.

Bath lifts

We supply the ultra light weight Dentler bathlift – with a 3 year warranty. Designed to lower you gently into the warm water – and allow you to relax back if you wish – and then when you are ready, with a push of a button – it will raise you back to the level of your bath. You can then swivel sideways and you are out of your bath. Don’t worry, if the battery pack does not have sufficient charge, it will not allow you to descend. It holds enough power to always bring you back to the top of the bath. With having no wiring and being an easy light folding two part bath lift – this is simple to have when you need it, and remove if you have guests. We also supply the Bathmaster bathlift.

Bath Boards.

If you prefer a solid bath board across the bath itself – we have a wide selection, with and without handles to make it easy for you.

Shower Stools – that fit into your shower cubicle and allow you to relax and ‘take the weight off’ whilst you cleanse yourself.

Toilet Seating. For those having problems lowering themselves, the raised toilet seat is a wonder. Especially for people who have had hip and other operations. For those people confined to a wheelchair, there are shower and toilet commodes which will go over the toilet and into showers.

Bath mats. To stop you slipping and keep you safe. Perhaps even just the Bath Strips – which are easily cleaned.

Bathing Accessories

Long handled brushes, sponges, applicators, toe washers. Tap turners and bath steps. Plugs that turn a different colour according to the temperature of the water. Grab rails to help with an easy grip.

There are just so many items available to you to help with bathing. Take it back to being relaxing. It just makes the day.