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Now this has to be one area that we have all suffered from in the past! Sprained wrist? Twisted ankle? Tennis elbow? Golfers elbow? Back problems? and … and … and …

There is no magic cure for anyone of the above – but as we well know, rest, correct care and exercise as advised, and you slowly heal.

Splints, Orthopaedics, Supports

To help in the healing process, there are many therapy products that are available. From the amazing TENS machines (Tip: Keep your TENS pads in the fridge, they last longer), to wrist and finger splints, thumb brace, elbow and heel protectors and, so important today, back supports. Its amazing how easy it is to protect your back with both the correct exercises to build strength and the correct support belt for when you do the ‘heavy’ work such as gardening, moving items and so on. There are orthopaedic supports for almost every part of your body. Many of these supports will have splinting products (eg. the thumb brace) to keep the injured or painful limb still.

Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment has changed today and besides our ever favourite pedal exerciser, there are weights which you can wear to help build muscle, equipment to improve your stretching and even equipment to help rebuild stability.

Finally, our wiggly fingers which don’t wiggle so well later in life – try the therapeutic putty or gel ball hand exerciser. The more you use them, the more flexible they will become.