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Mobility Scooters

Don’t sit at home! With the varied range of mobility scooters on the market today there is no reason to sit in the house.

Electric Scooters & Rascal Scooters

We source our electric scooters from the most reputable manufacturers Pride and Electric Mobility who manufacture the well known Rascal scooter brand. Please review our easy to use matrix which was designed to help you, to enable you to ask yourself the right questions How far do you want to travel? Do you want it lightweight? Do you want it to go faster? And so on. Follow the matrix and shop for your mobility scooter with absolute confidence that we will be here for you every step of the way. Call for advice.

Scooter Model Can be disassembled for transportation in a car Top speed Range (max distance on one charge) Weight capacity Number of wheels
Rascal Taxi 3 Easily 4 mph Up to 10 miles 250lbs 3
Pride Go Go Elite Traveller 3 3
Rascal Taxi 4 4
Pride Go Go Elite Traveller 4 4
Ultralite 355XL 3.8 mph 220lbs 4 (DF)
Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus 13 miles 294lbs 4
Rascal Liteway 3 4 mph 10 miles 300lbs 4 (DF)
Rascal Liteway 4 11 miles 4
Rascal 388S May require the help of a partner Up to 20 miles 4
Rascal 388D (Deluxe) 4
Pride Revo 295lbs 4
Rascal 600T Up to 25 miles 450lbs 3
Rascal 600C 4
Rascal 600F 6 mph 4
Rascal 388XL 20 Miles 300lbs 4
Pride Celebrity X6 Up to 28 Miles 350lbs 4
Pride Celebrity Delux 4
Rascal 615 Up to 25 miles 450lbs 4
Rascal 625 8 mph 4
Pride Ranger Cannot be disassembled 400lbs 4
Pride Celebrity XL8 20 miles 350lbs 4
Rascal 850 Up to 24 miles 300lbs 4
Rascal 329LE 35 miles 350lbs 4
Rascal 889 38 miles 500lbs 4
Pride Legend Classic XL8 30 miles 392lbs 4