After working closely with the medical professional for many years, Euromedical prides itself in understanding the associative traumas of rehabilitation and minimising stress. By combining product knowledge and professional healthcare advice, rehabilitation is aided through provision of specialist products.
Independent advice is viewed as critical to customer satisfaction and therefore forms the basis of product recommendation. Sourcing all possible solutions, Euromedical is able to offer a home demonstration service that is recommended and supervised by healthcare professionals, particularly occupational therapists.
Indirectly, through occupational therapist (OT) recommendations, clients are made aware of the products and their benefits. If the OT believes using a particular product will aid a client then a joint home assessment visit is set up, where Euromedical demonstrates the product in front of the client and OT. During this visit the client has qualified training and full use of the product. Only when the OT decides the two are suited, does Euromedical provide the product.
The responsibility of recommendation remains at all times with the healthcare professional and adoption of product with the healthcare professional and the customer. All products are approved by government bodies and have CE markings. Typically they include;
Rise and recline armchair - to aid the individual to rise to their feet and recline to a seated position
Showers and toilet chairs - allowing the individual to be pushed in and out of a shower or over a WC
Bathing equipment - to aid the lowering and raising of individuals