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The 3 in 1 free way shower/toilet/commode chair is the most versatile and adaptable chair available. It meets the needs of the chair user and carer in the many deferent care environments encountered. The design of the chair and its multiplicity of standard option is the result of many years of experience of joint assessment with healthcare professionals and practical ability to produce individual customized chairs.

The chairs are easily assembled and all standard components are removable and interchangeable making them extremely versatile.


The standard chair range is available in a choice of 3 standard normal width frames - 440mm (17"), 490mm (19") and 540mm (21"), choice of either vertical or horizontal handle backrest, seven standard seat configurations and three deferent armrest angles.

Standard Options


Other Options

Raised foot rests

Available when the adjustment range on standard foot rests is not sufficent. Raised foot rests are supplied as standard with foot plates in horizontal plane ( rather than angled).

Foot rests with integral heel support and foot straps

Available on either standard or raised footrests as well as on the ABS foot tray

ABS foot tray

Available as a heavy duty alternative to standard foot rests when support is required to the whole foot . Customised sizing also available.

Soft armrest tops

An alternative to the standard firm armrest tops for increased comfort or when pressure care is a consideration. Customized sizing also available.

Extended seat

Provides an extra depth of padding to the front of the seat, when additional support is required.

Seat with vinyl skirt

The vinyl skirt which is availble on either horseshore or aperture seats is supplied as standard with T40com or 170COM type chairs and is vital for reducing the splash effect of the wash and for directing the warm air flow. It is also used as a splash guard when used over a WC.



Clip on padded back rest and arm rests

Provides firm support and will fit into any standard backrest and armrest.

Waist strap

Available with either a velcro or buckle type fixing. The strap is looped around the backrest which prevents it from fallimg on the floor when not in use.


The harness is velcro fixed to the frame at the rear of the chair and the adjustable shoulder straps are supplied with sheepskin sleeves for incresed comfort.

Individual clip on footplate pads

Like the padded foot tray, these individual clip on footplates provide increased comfort on one of both footrests, still allowing the foot rests to be independently adjustable.

Heel strap

A velcro fastening heel strap can be easily positioned around the "leg" of the foot rests and provides support at the back of the heels or calf.


A pommel will easily fix to the front of an apperture seat and will help to prevent the chair user from sliding forwards on the seat.

Commode pan

An oval commode pan is easily introduced and removed from either the rear or front of the chair. All seats are supplied with pan slidders as standard with the exception of those with a vinyl skirt or without an aperture.


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