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The Dento lift E. Battery operated bath lift.


Instantly ready to use and simple to operate, the Dento Lift E bath lift with it's high quality materials and construction offers the greatest possible safety and comfort. Enjoy the independence and pleasure of a relaxing bath.










Ready for immediate use. Separate packaging of backrest and seat for ease of transport and assembly.
After assembly, the backrests in the upright position (pos 1 ). The backrest can be placed in the recline position (pos 2) by pulling up the side flaps as far as they will go, so that the seat is raised, whilst at the same time pushing the backrest down ( pos 2). To return to the original position, simply repeat the procedure.

The back rest can only be clicked into or out of place when lowered.


Wide seat for greater comfort.

High quality materials mean greater stability.

The reclining angle of the backrest is designed to make the best posible use of the entire bath

When you want to take a bath, simply insert the battery pack into the holder in the back rest.

If the batteries are running down the lift cannot be lowered, but it can always be raised.

Simple operation using the buoyant hand controls with emergency stop button


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