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The Saebo-Glide is a new product specifically designed to exercise the affected arm following stroke or head injury. It is able to challenge the person at all stages of recovery. The Saebo-Glide allows an independent home programme to be established.
The Saebo-Glide offers a way to exercise the affected arm by using the gliding sleeve. Following placement of the hand onto the gliding sleeve, the distal support will allow the person to perform various controlled arm exercises at his or her appropriate strength level.
The Saebo-Glide Plus comes with a hand strap that stabilises the hand to the gliding sleeve while exercising. The Saebo-Glide Plus is most appropriate for individuals that have decreased hand strength/unable to grip through full shoulder and elbow range of movement.
Exercise your affected arm in all planes of movement
For use in lying, sitting, and standing
Comes with an extensive instruction manual with over 40 pictures, demonstrating start and end positions for the exercise regime. It also contains a stretching and a two handed exercise programme
The manual has a schedule page to photocopy to allow documentation of an exercise programme

Description Ref # Price ex VAT Price inc VAT
Hemiglide AA9044 48.51 57.00
Hemiglide Plus AA9044P 55.02 64.65