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This kit contains a variety of special eating utensils selected to help explore and solve the problems that delay or prevent self-feeding. The 30 items included represent most areas of need. The kit is in a handy carry case for convenience and includes:
AA5570 Caring Cutlery Knife
AA5571 Caring Cutlery Fork
A703206 Homecraft Bendable Tablespoon
A703208 Homecraft Bendable Rocker Knife
AA5550 Lightweight Foam Handle Knife
AA5556L Lightweight Foam Handle Left Fork
AA5557R Lightweight Foam Handle Right Spoon
AA5507A Queens Splayed Fork
AA5508A Queens Nelson Knife
AA5587 Multi-Holder
109003 Flexible Handled Tablespoon
1000F Sure Hand Fork
1004 Sure Hand Strap
110105 Adjustable Weighted Soup Spoon
1014 Swivel Soup Spoon
AA5565 Adjustable Angled Spoon
920359 Rocking T Knife
AA6111 Closed Cell Foam Tubing - Adult pack
AA5662W Incurve Plate Surround
1546 Round Scoop Dish
1548 Scoop Bowl
AA5612 Manoy Contoured Plate
1425 Plate with Inside Edge
AA5700 Polycarbonate Mug with Two Lids
AA5767 Flo-Trol Vacuum Feeding Cup
AA5710W Caring Mug - Bulk Pack
AA5723 Non-Spill Cup
1145 Nosey Cutout Tumbler - 225ml
AA6812B Dycem Anchorpad - 190mm Blue
AA6830B Dycem Grippistrip - 2m Blue

Description Ref # Price ex VAT Price inc VAT
Adult Feeding Evaluation Kit AA5675 258.34 303.55