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Approximately 20 million people in the western world suffer from chronic constipation. Sufferers are from all walks of life, but constipation is particularly prevalent amongst the aged, paraplegics of the lower limbs, and the chronically ill.
Free-Lax is the world’s first natural, non-drug, non-invasive, non-habit-forming constipation relief device. A patented electromechanical device, Free-Lax is applied to the abdominal area while held in place by a conveniently adjustable belt.
The typical user applies the treatment for twenty minutes daily, while sitting comfortably (eg. watching TV). The sensation is pleasant and relaxing. In cases of severe constipation,
it may take up to a week of treatments for Free-Lax to start having an effect.
Free-Lax externally applies kneading forces on the abdomen with the optimal patterns, frequencies and minimal forces required to stimulate natural bowel movements.

Research has indicated three processes by which Free-Lax relieves constipation:
• Movement of internal organs may release stuck stool;
• Vasodilatation of the mesentery network may bring more fluid to the colon;
• Natural peristaltic activity may be stimulated.

Free-Lax is used whilst seated, typically for a twenty minute session. With continuing use, the duration can often be reduced to ten minutes. Patients have reported that a bowel movement usually occurs within an hour of completion of treatment, enabling a less mobile person to be prepped.
For safety, Free-Lax switches off if it has been inadvertently over tightened. Free-Lax should not be used by those who have undergone a surgical procedure in the previous six months, people with damaged vertebrae and those with untreated hernias. Free-Lax does not involve the intake of any material into the body. Its function causes bowel contractions and relaxations that closely resemble the body’s natural function of waste elimination. Tests of the technology over two years have shown no reduction of effectiveness over time, nor any adverse side effects.
Clinical studies have shown that weekly bowel movement rate, stool consistency and amount improved over a twelve-week treatment period. No adverse side effects were found.
See chart below for results of the study.
Weighing only 2.4kg (5.3lbs), Free-Lax has a comfortable carrying handle. When not in use, it can be conveniently stored in a drawer.

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*Free-Lax AA2610 £310.64 £365.00