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Jenny from the old Euromobility shop has joined us full-time and is offering a full service on COSYFEET and DB shoes including socks, many smaller aids and incontinence products.

Jenny and the team look forward to seeing you and offering the level of service you enjoyed with Euromobility.

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16 March 2016

Acorn Stair Lifts

 Acorn Stairlifts – Specialists in making and supplying stairlifts

Recently, Acorn has become the first national stairlift supplier to have been accredited by Trustmark and also has joined the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA).


Acorn Stairlifts have now achieved independent endorsement and accreditation of their installation and customer care through TrustMark, the only Government endorsed accreditation scheme for contractors and tradespeople. TrustMark promotes standards and consumer protection within the domestic home repair, maintenance and improvement sector.

Read more about Acorn Stairlifts accreditation’s on our website and make an enquiry by completing the easy on line enquiry form.

25 January 2016

VAT Exemption Rules

Do you qualify for VAT relief on Goods?

If you are chronically sick and disabled with an ongoing or permanent medical condition and the goods are for your personal or domestic use, you may be able to purchase the goods VAT free.

What HMRC mean by ‘chronically sick or disabled’

For VAT purposes, you are chronically sick or disabled if you have;

A physical or mental impairment which has a long term and substantial adverse effect upon your ability to carry out everyday activities. 

A condition which is being treated by the medical profession as a chronic sickness (an ongoing, long term health condition).

For VAT purposes, the term ‘chronically sick or disabled’ doesn’t include a person who is only temporarily disabled, for example, with a broken limb, or elderly, but isn’t chronically sick or disabled. 

Not every item can be purchased with VAT relief, as some items have not been approved by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to be sold exclusive of VAT.  Where items have been approved for purchase exclusive of VAT, Euromobility displays the prices online, both inclusive and exclusive of VAT.  Some items display only one price, inclusive of VAT, which means the item has not been approved for sale with VAT exemption.

When placing your order on-line, you will be asked to complete a VAT declaration, and to enter your specific medical condition (such as Diabetes, Arthritis etc.) and the price will be calculated exclusive of VAT at the current rate (currently 20%).

For items purchased in the showroom, or by telephone, a VAT form can be completed at point of purchase and our sales team will help and advise you on this.

20 January 2016

Wrinkly Roadshow

The Wrinkly Roadshow takes support and advice on tour for the older generation to the local community.

Whether you need legal, financial or accounting advice; benefit, adaptation or equipment advice; homecare, nursing care or residential home advice; health and wellbeing advice, utility bills, local information or just simply advice on fun things and clubs in your area - come to your nearest Wrinkly Roadshow to find out what is happening on your doorstep!

Click the link to find out what is happening at the next Wrinkly Roadshow!!allingtontour2016/cfvg



27 August 2015

Keeping you on the move!

Rollator and Tri wheel walker guide.

If you require support with your mobility, but do not need a seat to take a rest, a three wheeled tri walker will enable you to walk independently and keep you moving for longer.  Three wheel walkers with locking brakes provide security to take a rest whilst leaning on the walker when the brakes are fully applied and locked.  With three wheel walkers, it is crucial that both brakes are applies evenly, as applying one brake only can put undue pressure on one side and could cause the walker to tip over.
When a seat is required, a rollator is the product for you.  The four wheel walkers have adjustable handles for correct and comfortable posture with vinyl bag or basket tucked neatly beneath the seat.  
It is most important that your feet are firmly on the ground when in the seated position and the brakes are fully applied and locked whilst resting and during the seat and stand manoeuvre.   Leave the brakes locked on until you are standing again confidently, then brakes can be released.  Most walkers are foldable and compact for ease of storage and transportation.  
Many walkers come complete with vinyl bags or baskets and the set the height adjustable handles to ensure correct posture.
It is very important to have the frame at the correct height for use. 
It is a common mistake to set the handle height too high, with the idea that this will help a person stand up straighter.  If the frame is too high, you may find that your shoulders are raised uncomfortably and elbows will be sticking out at the sides, rather than positioned neatly and comfortably.  If the handles are set too high, this will encourage a person to push the walker too far ahead (almost at arms-length), therefore the walker will not offer the correct support for which it is intended. Generally, to ensure that the pushing handles are in the correct position for support and weight bearing, the handgrips should be set at the level equal to the wrist bone and the users’ elbows are very slightly bent.
If the frame is too low, it will encourage the user to be bent over in a poor posture.
Wear appropriate and supportive footwear when being measured and when using your walker. 

15 June 2015

Lightweight Affordable wheelchairs

There is a vast array of lightweight affordable wheelchairs on the market and without experience or advice, it is often difficult to establish which chair is correct for the user and offers the best value.
Before you purchase a wheelchair, it will help if you consider the following points: user weight, height, medical condition, how long will the person be seated, is the chair for short shopping trips and the odd day out or for a more permanent seating requirement.
Who will be doing the pushing lifting or loading of the wheelchair. Self propelled or transit wheelchair?
Once these points have been considered and established, it will be simpler to search for the correct chair.
Most lightweight wheelchairs fold easily to stow away in the boot of a car. Wheelchairs with half folding hinged backs, fold smaller and more compact, as the half folding back reduces the height of the upright wheelchair making them neater to transport. 
Removable arm and leg rests also help to reduce the weight of the chair.
When buying a wheelchair for the first time , Euromobility sugests making a shopping list of requirements to help establish which type of wheelchair would be the most beneficial and suitable for your needs. If you are an active wheelchair user, with a busy lifestyle and need to use a chair on a daily or permanent basis, you are likely to require a prescriptive wheelchair. This means the wheelchair can be customised to meet your individual needs.  If a wheelchair is required for short term shopping trips or the occasional day out, then perhaps a good basic, functional occasional use wheelchair would be the best investment. The Escapelite is both a lightweight and affordable wheelchair which has been designed for ease of transportation and storage.  
Wheelchairs come in a wide range of width sizes and user weights. Lightweight wheelchairs are generally made of steel and aluminium, which makes the frames light and durable.  Consider the comfort and manageability of both user and attendant along with overall user weight , and the internal seat width.  Adding a seat pad to a lightweight wheelchair can provide added comfort, especially for those who sit for longer periods. Removable armrests, half folding backs and quick release wheels reduce the overall weight of wheelchair frame and make the wheelchairs compact and lightweight. The whirl45SP is an excellent affordable and versatile lightweight wheelchair and perfect for full or part time use. If you intend to be transported in a vehicle whilst seated within a wheelchair, then the wheelchair must be suitably designed and have anchorage tie down points which are clearly indicated on the wheelchair frame
A range of mobility equipment accessories such as affordable wheelchair bags and wheelchair capes, trays, blankets and wheelchair gloves  help to increase the users comfort.

23 February 2015

Age UK Medway

Age UK Medway Summer Fete 
Age UK Medway will be holding a Summer Fete at the Specialist Dementia Day Centre in Hopewell Drive in Luton, Chatham on the 25th of July 10am-3pm.  The summer fete will be a fun, family fundraising event, for clients and their families of all ages and the local community.  We hope to see you there!

Find out more about Age UK Medway, by following our 


05 February 2015

Hotter Shoes

 The lovely new Hotter spring collection has arrived!

We are so proud to offer the Hotter range alongside Cosyfeet and DB extra wide shoe collections and were sure you’ll love the styles and hope you’ll be as be as happy as we are when you next visit us!   

29 January 2015


Michelle, a member of the Euromobility sales team, was surprised today when her partner went down on one knee and proposed marriage in front of a shop full of customers!    What a wonderful and romantic surprise!  And we all thank Dave for sharing the special moment with us all and brightening a dull January day. 

Of course, Michelle accepted and the happy couple are to be married in the summer.  
We wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness.
follow their story in our ’In Store Events’ section.!.html

19 January 2015

Mobility Walkers

Three-Wheeled Tri walkers are ideal for everyday use and are excellent value for money. Walking trolleys feature easy to operate loop brakes, which provide secure locking for stability.  The height adjustable ergonomic handles are easy to set to the correct height for the user. Three wheeled walkers fold easily for transportation and storage. Tri walkers will remain upright when in the folded position.  Three wheeled walkers usually come complete with a handy zipped carry bag or large basket, which is large enough to carry everyday essential mobility aids and the bag can be left in place when the tri walker is folded.  Four wheeled walkers have a storage bag or basket underneath the seat which can be useful when storing mobility equipment accessories such as folding walking canes or large button mobile phones.  Rollators fold neatly for storage and are light and easy to transportThe comfortable ergonomic handles with locking brakes ensure the safety walkers are secure to sit on when brakes are locked. The mobility walker will slow when the brakes are applied for safety, which gives stability, particularly when walking down hill.  

19 January 2015

Mobility Equipment Hire

The following equipment is available for hire from Euromobility.
Lightweight wheelchairs.  Available to hire by the day     lightweight wheelchair hire
Bariatric wheelchairs with up to 23 stone user weight  bariatric wheelchair hire
Nursing beds.  nursing bed hire
Dynamic air flow mattresses   air mattress hire
Rise and recline chairs  recliner chair hire
Specialist seating for pressure care requirements.    
Mobility scooters  mobility scooter hire

Please telephone our showroom and a sales advisor will be happy to discuss availability.