Lightweight, sturdy, height adjustable, aluminium sticks in a choice of seven attractive colours and two handles. Both handles are designed to spread the pressure evenly over the whole palm making them useful for arthritic hands. The comfy handle is larger and is generally suited to gentlemen, whilst the contoured handle suits smaller hands, especially ladies. Supplied in left or right hand options. Please select colour when ordering.

Colours (A) Walnut (B) Dark Wood Grain (C) Light Wood Grain (D) Purple Haze (E) Green Speckles (F) Blue Speckles (G) Black

AA8118L Colours (A-F) ?13.95 (?11.87)*
AA8118L Black (G) ?13.25 (?11.28)*
AA8118R Colours (A-F) ?13.95 (?11.87)*
AA8118R Black (G) ?13.25 (?11.28)*

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