Available in six colours, these folding walking sticks are height adjustable and of the highest quality. Made from aluminium with a traditional wooden handle, shaped to fit either hand. Optional bag available. Please select colour when ordering.

Colours (A) Walnut (B) Wood Grain (C) Purple (D) Black (E) Bronze (F) Grey Marble

AA8112A 31 to 35" Patterned (A-C, F) ?14.75 (?12.55)*
AA8112A 31 to 35" Plain (D-E )?12.50 (?10.64)*
AA8112AL 33 to 37" Patterned (A-C, F) ?14.75 (?12.55)*
AA8112AL 33 to 37" Plain (D-E) ?12.50 (?10.64)*
AA8261 Optional bag ?4.15

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