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Kitchen & Dining Aids

My favourite place to be – the kitchen ! But beware, there are more home accidents that happen in the kitchen than any other room.

Just the place for a slip of a knife not being held correctly, a fall stretching for the jar that was just a few inches out of your reach. If you have the right product for the job – you can be safe and content in your kitchen.

Jar, Can and Bottle openers come in all shapes and sizes. Have a look at the great variety of openers – some hand held – some electric. My favourite is the can pull. So simple, so inexpensive, so very effective.

Daily Living Aids

Some of us can only imagine how difficult things like chopping the cabbage, peeling a potato and slicing a carrot can be with arthritis. Look for implements which have large, shaped handles that make it easy to hold – preferably one that has a bit of cushioning. The Sure Hand Peeler is a winner here and a popular choice.

Knives, forks and graters with large handles – see the Reflex range. Need to cut one handed ? Tried to chase the cucumber around the chopping board with only a knife to hold it ? Try the food Preparation System. With a clamp and small spikes you can pin down what you need to slice before going into chase mode. There is even a moulded bread board which will hold you slice in place whilst you single handedly butter it.

Paediatric Ranges

Cutlery is very important and the last thing we want is to sit at the table and look a mess whilst we eat or have our cutlery so very different that we are obvious. Have a look at the Newstead range of cutlery or the Lightweight Foam Handled Cutlery which is bent and curved to assist with all sorts of eating problems. The Kings and Caring cutlery ranges are very popular. For little ones there is the paediatric ranges.

Pates with curved surrounds, Plates to keep your food warm. Plates with scoops and dividers, Plates that can secure to a table or tray, we have them all.

Cups which are non-spill, cups with temperature regulated lids. Cups that are insulated to keep that drink warm a while longer, cups with straws, cups with two handles. Someone has thought of everything here.

Disabled Kitchen Products

Trays in all shapes and sizes, wonderfully popular trolleys, bibs to keep you clean and dry and finally - for the many people who need that extra little bit of support in the kitchen perhaps – a perching stool These sturdy little stools lower at the front and are a lifesaver in the kitchen for ‘taking the weight off’. Easy to get out of and they are height adjustable.