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Welcome to our website! - Euromobility - Making Life Easier

Please browse our online catalogue of products and ideas that may help to improve your independence and quality of life. Contact us for information or advice, or pop into our showroom, as our experience and knowledge are free! Our staff are trained by Chartered Physiotherapists so that we know how to provide friendly, unbiased opinions about products specific to individual needs. Thanks for shopping with Euromobility.

Thanks for shopping with Euromobility.


Welcome to Euromobility - NHS approved, Independent retailer of Mobility Scooters, Equipment, and Rehabilitation Products


We believe that independence is key to quality of life, leading a fulfilling life after accident, illness, injury or simply because we’re getting older. Independence ranges from mobility equipment such as mobility scooters and wheelchairs for both outdoor and indoor use, right through to specialist re enabling equipment, to assist with everyday life – it’s often the simple things that make a difference, such as hand rails for stability or kitchen equipment specifically designed for ease of use.

We have quality equipment from leading manufacturers, including Pride Mobility and Rascal Scooters, both being specialists in mobility scooters at affordable prices.

One of the few NHS and Local Authority approved suppliers of re enabling equipment, we can provide a wide range of products which can improve independence and/or assist with rehabilitation, these products include beds, bathing equipment, walkers, rise & recline chairs, lifts, hoists and many smaller daily living equipment such as cutlery, kettles, plugs and dressing aids which make life with a disability just that little bit easier.

Wheelchairs and Walking solutions

There are many types of wheelchairs and walkers. All of these products are specifically aimed at retaining your independence for as long as possible, whether that be popping to the shop or getting about the house. Mobility scooters, because of their size are generally recommended for outdoor use – Young and old can enjoy the ease and freedom of getting out and about. Powerchairs however are usually smaller with better maneuverability, making them far more practical for the confines of indoors, whereas our range of wheelchairs, walking frames and walkers are great for those who have partial disability, but still require a level of assistance for stability and freedom.