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Comfort & Dressing.

What a horror. You try to get down low enough to put those tights around your ankles, or slip your socks onto your feet, but no matter how hard you try, the bones in your back have decided that they are simply not going to allow you to do it. Or perhaps you have put on your shirt or blouse, only to find that popping the buttons through the button holes is not so much ‘popping’ these days as anguished squeezing.

Dressing Aids

With modern technologies today and more innovative ideas, there are plenty of dressing aids on the market which can make your every day life so much easier.

Grooming Aids

Socks and Stocking Aids are amazingly popular and prove to be very useful in helping people reach parts of their bodies they used to do with ease. Need to fasten a button? Reach those ever-growing toe nails? Brush your hair without lifting your arm too high? With so many grooming aids available, life can be a lot easier. There are long handled brushes and combs, Easi-grip and long handled scissors, hair trimmers, nail file holders, backscratchers, amongst many others, but the favourite is still the long shoehorn, items which are so simple and inexpensive, but which make every day life more enjoyable.

Wide fitting shoes and slippers are a benefit to anyone with swollen or bandaged feet. As one of the largest stockist of extra wide footwear in the South East of England, we are able to offer stylish, extra wide and variable width footwear from three leading brands: Cosyfeet, DB Extra Wide and Variable Width footwear and Sandpiper Footwear.   With our range of footwear options, we can offer solutions to those with slim, but misshapen and tender feet, to those with oedema or swolen/bandaged feet.  Most extra deep ranges are suitable for orthotics or foot braces... and we stock a wide range of diabetic friendly hosiery.  Call us for a catalogue or pop into our shop in Allington.

Back Supports and Warming Pads

Footrests, pillows of all shapes and sizes and memory foams, neck rests and warming pads, seat cushions and wheat bags, back supports, neck collars and hot water bottles – just a few more of the every days items that we ignore, but if we used them more, they all help to put that smile back on our faces.