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Bed & Chair Disability Products

Rising from a laying position up to a sitting position and then to stand can be extremely difficult and in many cases, painful for many people. When considering what aid to use, you need to take careful consideration that the aid is suitable for your height, weight and strength – accidents happen so easily in the home. That’s why we have a wide range of Bed and Chair Disability Products to help.

>Bed Rails and Cot Sides

Bed leaver and rails are very helpful and certainly some a lot more stable than others, depending on the weight and force to be used when lifting your body. Bear in mind that strength is required as it is the user who is doing the pulling to lift themselves.

The same considerations should be used for the assist rails and poles which attach to the bed frame or slide under the mattress.

A quick solution to a lot of problems is the mattress elevator. It allows people confined to bed to change their position easily at the touch of a button. This is available with or without side guards.

Bed and Chair Raisers

Bed and chair raisers are a wonder, meaning that it is not quite so far to bend to either sit on your chair or your bed. It means that making the bed is easier too !

Overbed tables are widely used for both beds and chairs. With their stable tops, some of them have small raised sections at the top and bottom, so that when put at an angle for perhaps reading, the book cannot slide off to the floor. A great help to stabilise food trays.

Rise & Recline chair.

My favourite is the wonderful Rise & Recline chair. What a pleasure. Gently relax back with your feet up for a bit of telly watching and easing of swollen legs – and when you are ready, with a push of a button, you will slowly be set back to your sitting position and then gently raised to enable you to ease yourself out of the chair and onto your feet. It takes enormous stain off the knees.

Disability Aids

There are so many disability aids for people with either bed and/or chair problems, take your time, be sure you choose the product suited to you and feel free to call our friendly and helpful staff for any advice.