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The ACORN Stairlift
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Acorn have built partnerships with hundreds of local healthcare suppliers worldwide. While doing so, we've delivered thousands of customers peace of mind.

The ACORN superglide is powered by maintenance free DC power pack, which will ensure your lift works even in the event of a power failure. Another feature pioneered by panel which alerts you to any potential problems before they arise, e.g. the stairlift has accidentally been switched off or incorrectly parked.

ACORN manufacture indoor and outdoor stairlifts; so whether your customer needs to get to the cellar, garage, garden, or just upstairs - ACORN understand the importance of their independance. Every stairlift is tested to the highest safety specifications, and ACORN hold both North American and European safety accreditations.

Acorn Stairlift
The ACORN Stairlift
•  Powered by DC power pack - the lift will work in the event of power failure
•  Whisper quiet operation with smooth starts-stop motion
•  On-board diagnostic control panel - alerts you to any potential issues before they arise
•  Swivel seat - no need to twist your body to get off the lift
•  Hand-held remote control 'calls' the lift to where you need it
    e.g object left on stairs
•  Fast, hassle free installation

Motor Power 0.25W
Motor Output Speed 0.1 m/s
Method of Drive Rack and Pinion
Motor Output Torque 108Nm
Power Supply 24V DC (battery)
Maximum Capacity 127kgs (20 stones)
Track Extruded Aluminium
Mains Power 240V, 50Hz Charger

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Remote operation Inertia safety belt
Emergency stop sensors Folds away neatly
Hinged rail Transfer platform
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