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Disability Aids

Having established a popular retail outlet providing disability aids and mobility equipment throughout the local area, was launched to reach those, elderly, disabled, injured or less-able people nationwide. Our aim to offer friendly impartial advice about all of our disability products, after all it is attention to individual needs which determines which of our disability aids will suit to cater for the job/task intended as well as to achieve a greater level of independence whether inside or outside the home environment.

Daily Living Aids - Products

Amongst our best selling home health products and daily living aids are those simple things such as hand rails or bath rails, these offer leverage or simply stability whilst attending to daily chores, hand rails can be fitted anywhere inside the home and outside, perhaps for assistance getting in and out of the front door. Our range of kitchen living aids for example pouring aids for kettles, jar openers, stools and reaching sticks again, such easy ideas can make the world of difference. Simple tasks are only easy if you have the co-ordination and strength to do them.

Home Health Products

Our home health range of products covers the more medical side of things, tablets assists which can alert you to take your medication or simply organise it, pill splitters for halving tablets, a fiddly job for anyone right through to pedal exercisers to help keep you fit whilst you sit in comfort. Products in our home health range also include pain management and first aid kits, whether it be a wrist support or tens machine, acupuncture pens or plasters we can supply it.

Mobility Scooters

At the very other end of the scale we know that mobility is the real key to independence, therefore our range of mobility scooters, powerchairs and wheelchairs both electric and manual can provide the solution. Mobility scooters are perfect nipping to shops on, or joining the family for a afternoon stroll. Most retail and commercial outlets are by law wheelchair friendly allowing freedom to shop instead of just window shopping. Mobility scooters vary in price substantially; at Euromobility we cater for the individuals requirements and expectations and budgets ensuring you have the best choice of products without stretching the budget!