This attractive, ceramic tableware has been designed to allow a range gripping positions. The large handles enable a closed-hand grip without the risk of touching the hot vessel. The plates have a lip to allow them to be easily picked up and to aid scooping of the food onto a spoon or fork. Available in two designs; Taffeta (T) or Fern (A), please select when ordering.

Plate AA5615 £29.95 (£25.49)*

1 Handed cup & saucer AA5733 £19.95 (£16.98)*

2 Handed cup & saucer AA5737 £18.10 (£15.40)*

1 Handed mug AA5736 £11.50 (£9.79)*

Teapot AA5791 £35.95 (£11.87)*

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