" 2 Year Guarantee
" No plumbing required
" Installed in seconds
" Transportable
" Folding
" Comfortable
The Bathmaster" 2000 is an elegant but powerful, battery operated bath lift which gently lowers you into the bath to enable easier bathing. It unfolds around the base of the frame to form a stable seat and can be quickly transformed into a lightweight, two piece portable unit that is easy to carry. The padded seat and backrest give extra comfort. A rechargeable hand controller (one year guarantee only) is used to operate the lift. The hand controller can be secured wherever convenient by the use of suckers. The lift has
been robustly designed so as to not require any servicing. The Bathmaster" 2000 is available in two versions: a standard height which raises to 163/4" and is suitable for most baths; a high version that raises an extra 4" to 203/4", useful for deeper baths. Both are supplied as a complete set, including: Bathmaster" 2000, hand controller, recharger, 2 side flaps and 2 side flap protectors.
Standard AA1330CL ?699.00 (?594.89)*
High AA1331CL ?750.00 (?638.30)*

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