Quality high seat, arm and back, winged chair with excellent lumbar and neck support and filled-in sides. Pneumatic piston assists rising or sitting, and a simple lever locks the seat in down position, at a choice of three angles. Select strength of piston: Light to 91/2st; Medium 91/2-12st; Heavy over 12st.

AA3120 up to 91/2st Tweed ?675.00 (?574.47)*
AA3121 up to 91/2st Dralon ?725.00 (?617.02)*
AA3123 91/2st - 12st Tweed ?675.00 (?574.47)*
AA3124 91/2st - 12st Dralon ?725.00 (?617.02)*
AA3126 over 12st Tweed ?675.00 (?574.47)*
AA3127 over 12st Dralon ?725.00 (?617.02)*

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